Six questions for 'Mozart in the Jungle' Season 3 to answer

Lola Kirke in the 'Mozart in the Jungle' Season 3 trailerAmazon

December 08, 2016

The third season of Mozart in the Jungle will be released on Amazon tomorrow, Dec. 9. Here are ten questions we're burning to know the answers to. Heads-up: there are spoilers below that reveal some of the developments in Seasons 1 and 2, so watch those seasons first!

What will happen with the lockout?

Season 2 ended with the (fictional) New York Symphony being locked out after contract negotiations fell through. The trailer for Season 3 suggests that the lockout will be protracted. Will there be a resolution by the end of Season 3, and will all the orchestra's familiar faces stick around to wait for it?

Will Hailey and Rodrigo hook up again?

The romantic heat between Hailey and Rodrigo built throughout the show's second season, though they never made it past first base before being interrupted. Just when it looked like sparks were about to fly in the finale, Hailey took off on a romantic ski trip with Erik. Will the show's two stars remain forever star-crossed?

Will the truth about the board meeting get out?

As of the end of Season 2, all the musicians — including Hailey and Rodrigo — know is that the board voted not to accept their contract offer. Something Rodrigo knows that the orchestra members seemingly don't is that he'd made a quiet deal with board member Biben: if the board signed off on the musicians' demands, Rodrigo would resign. When a faction led by Gloria voted Biben's motion down, the lockout began...but by the same token, Rodrigo's agreement to resign was nullified.

Depending on who says what to who, Gloria may not realize that Rodrigo's offer to resign (which Biben presented as a done deal) was actually conditional on a situation that never came to pass. Rodrigo may not understand why the board rejected the musicians' demands, after Biben cut that deal with him. Hailey may not know much about any of this — but one lie we know she's been told, by her lover Erik, is that he voted to accept the musicians' demands. In fact, he joined with Gloria in rejecting them.

Who's the diva?

The trailer for Season 3 shows Rodrigo going to Venice and spending time with a soprano. He falls in love with her voice — and maybe more. She looks like a character who will play a pivotal role in the new season.

Where will Domingo and Muhly show up?

We know that both Plácido Domingo and Nico Muhly will appear in the new season, and that Muhly has also composed music for a fictional opera about "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher. Where will the stars show up? In Season 2, Gustavo Dudamel (an obvious inspiration for the Rodrigo character) showed up as a technician who confided that Angelenos hate their music director. (That would be Dudamel himself.)

What composers will make cameos?

In the first two seasons, Rodrigo fantasized about having conversations with Mozart and Beethoven. In the trailer, we see Rodrigo talking with a precocious young man. A young Wolfgang — or another prodigy, perhaps?