Moveable Feast: "Best Of" List -- Part I

The Southern fried chicken from Revival on Nicollet Avenue.Jonathan Pellgen | Flickr Creative Commons

Moveable Feast: "Best Of" List -- Part I


November 11, 2016

In a new spin on the classic Best Of list, Minnesota Monthly looked not at what's hot now, but what's next: food trends that will be the "Next Best" things for 2017.

The first trend is restaurants crossing the river. Ironically, the Green Line shuttles between the two downtowns every 10 minutes, but many of us can go weeks without crossing the river. Thankfully, many of our best restaurants are making the leap for us, especially in the last year. Minneapolis's fried chicken shop Revival is planning two St. Paul locations — including one in the soon-to-be renovated Schmidt Brewery, where it will share space with its current Nicollet Avenue neighbors Hola Arepa and Five Watt Coffee.

The next trend is global fast casual — basically taking the Chipotle model of a slick, modern spin on Mexican fare and applying it to flavors from all over the globe. We've seen a few national chains come into the market, but we also have local operators Afro Deli, Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, and PinKU Japanese fare.

The last trend to talk about today is the rise of female wine professionals. Women only make up about 15% of all master sommeliers, but they're fast making inroads. Some of the best include:

• Erin Rolek and her collection of hard-to-find northern hemisphere wines at The Bachelor Farmer
• Brie Roland and her affordable bottles of bubbly at St. Genevieve
• Laura Thompson and her Italian wine-by-the-glass list at Terzo
• Mel Guse and Jill Mott curating funky and strange wines (made with unusual fermenting processes, for example) at GYST

Come back for Part II next week!