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Music is Music: Floating Points

D52af0 20161028 sam shepherd aka floating points
Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points Astral People
14min 8sec : Music is Music: Floating Points

From a young age, Sam Shepherd has rejected the idea of neat, tidy musical categories. He studied classical piano growing up, but felt confined by what he calls the "dots on a page." It wasn't until he heard a performer really making a classical piece his own, breaking out of strictly classical feel, that he was hooked. That was Michaelangeli performing a Brahms Ballade in d minor.

Now, Shepherd writes music under the alias "Floating Points." Influences of classical, jazz, electronica, pop, and world music all blend to create a sound that doesn't fit squarely into any one style.

This podcast features a piece titled "Peroration Six," which Shepherd describes as careening towards and then falling into a black hole.

To find out more about the music of "Floating Points," check out the website.

If you like "Peroration Six," take a look at this mesmerizing visualization paired with that piece, posted on Floating Points' YouTube channel:

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