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In studio with The Westerlies

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25min 41sec : In studio with The Westerlies

Riley Mulherkar, Zubin Hensler, Andy Clausen and Willem de Koch call themselves an "accidental brass quartet." The four childhood friends from Seattle, all brass musicians, found themselves pursuing music careers in New York, but spending a lot of their free time together, making music. In 2011 they decided to form a quartet called The Westerlies.

Without much music in the repertoire for two trumpets and two trombones, The Westerlies perform their own original compositions. It's not classical, jazz, big band or world music. It's all of those things in a wonderful collision of styles and influences.

Listen to Valerie Kahler's inteview with The Westerlies. The group performs four songs from their album:

Riley Mulherkar: A Nearer Sun
Zubin Hensler: So, So Shy
Willem de Koch: The Shop
Andy Clausen: New Berlin, New York

The album "The Westerlies" is available now.