Moveable Feast: Booya

Lamb stewWikimedia Commons | Magnus Manske

Moveable Feast: Booya


October 21, 2016

The crisp fall weather has us thinking about soup. We've talked about trendy soups (such as ramen) so we decided to go old-school and talk about booya.

The soup has mysterious origins — perhaps mishearing the French bouillon as booya — but it has a broth base with any combination of meat and vegetables (somewhat akin to "stone soup").

The community aspect is a big part of the appeal — like a lutefisk supper, but with better food. It's an upper Midwest fall tradition to cook booya outside in large kettles and The St. Paul Pioneer Press often runs an annual list of area booya feeds. For this year, there are two left: Oct. 23 at St. Agnes Parish, and Oct. 29 at the North St. Paul VFW.