Moveable Feast: Bakeries

Poppy Wheelie Sesame at Brake BreadPhoto from Brake Bread Homepage

Moveable Feast: Bakeries


October 14, 2016

Mill City is reclaiming its name with a new crop of bakers going "against the grain," so to speak.

At the Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis, Steve Horton (founder of Rustica Bakery) has a new operation called Baker's Field Flour & Bread, where he's milling his own flour from heritage grains grown by local farmers. He sells his breads at the Draft Horse restaurant in the building, as well as several local co-ops.

In St. Paul, there's a new bakery called Brake Bread--that's 'b-r-a-k-e' as in loaves delivered by bicycle. The storefront sells bread made with wild yeast as well as breakfast pastries and toast. Brake Bread has a cool philanthropic aspect to their business in that they donate loaves to those in need.