Moveable Feast: New State Fair Foods

The Fairchild statue in 2015 at the state fairgrounds in St. Paul.Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair Archives

Moveable Feast: New State Fair Foods


August 26, 2016

You know the State Fair food has entered a new era when there's kombucha on tap, from two great local brands — Deane's and Prohibition. Another sign of our more health-conscious times — a lamb dog with kale and quinoa.

Two newcomers that I can't believe we haven't had before is SPAM sushi, and macaroni and cheese curds! There's also apparently a new cheese-flavored SPAM version that's cubed, battered, deep-fried like cheese curds.

Speaking of cheese, I'm a fan of both the Hot Indian Food truck and Global Market shop, and I'm excited to see their take on a Minnesota State Fair classic: paneer on a spear! I think of the Midwest Dairy Association's offerings in the dairy building as pretty traditional (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry malt, that sort of thing) but they are getting into the innovation game with a topping option dubbed 'Call It Breakfast'. It's a combination of donuts and chocolate- and coffee-flavored syrups. I like the way they're embracing the idea that the Fair is one of the few places where you can get away with ice cream for breakfast.