Moveable Feast: Gluten

Gluten-free products on a grocery store shelf in Washington.Carole Feldman/AP

Moveable Feast: Gluten


June 03, 2016

Many people are going gluten free. Whether they have celiac disease or not, gluten-free foods have become a global industry. This weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest takes place. It offers samples, demonstrations, experts and more.

Our hometown General Mills has a gluten-free version of Cheerios. Recently, they had an issue where some boxes were contaminated by wheat flour (vs. oat) and had to be recalled, causing the company lost revenue and public goodwill.

The gluten-free trend is global; in the land of pasta and pizza crust, Italy's national health system provides Italians with celiac disease a monthly voucher of 100 euros to buy gluten-free products.