Moveable Feast: GrillFest

Steaks and beefJ. Scott Applewhite | AP 2010

Moveable Feast: GrillFest


May 13, 2016

Minnesota Monthly's annual GrillFest takes place this weekend at the St. Paul Saints CHS Field: it's a celebration of all things smoked, barbecued, grilled, with food samples and beverage pairings. With local craft brews being so hot these days, we thought we'd offer a few recommendations for beers to pair with different grilled foods.

Here's Rachel's crib sheet:
Burger / IPA: Surly Furious, Indeed Day Tripper, or Steel Toe Size 7
Sausage / Light pilsner or Lager: Summit and Bauhaus pilsner or lager Grain Belt
Steak / Porter or stout: Harder to find cans/bottles — Surly Darkness, Summit Oatmeal Stout
Chicken / Light, slightly sweet beers: Perhaps a summer saison like Lift Bridge Farm Girl (or a Fulton Lonely Blonde)
Wild Card: Brau Brothers does a Scotch Ale, smoky, peaty flavor great with grilled food.