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Moveable Feast: Member Supported


May 06, 2016

"Member supported" applies to food too; it's a new trend.

We've seen a large range of restaurants and food businesses in the Twin Cities do Kickstarter or other similar-style campaigns. Often there's a "perk" involved for donating, depending on the level of contribution — from something like a t-shirt to (in the case of the 75 investors who each gave $1,000 to Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub) free beer for life.

Some haven't fared so well. A gourmet popsicle company, 10,000 Licks, raised about $10,000K on Kickstarter and then seemed to fade away within a few years; same with the Donut Cooperative, which raised $12,000 and then closed within months of launch.

Others have been very successful: Groundswell coffee shop offered investors a similar beverage deal and went from increasing their sales 10-fold. And the white-hot Travail raised a whopping quarter million dollars in just a matter of days.