King of Opera: Minnesota Opera takes on Stephen King's 'The Shining'

Brian Mulligan in the Minnesota Opera production of The ShiningMichal Daniel

Minnesota Opera's 'The Shining'


May 04, 2016

Stephen King's book The Shining (known to many through the movie) is now an opera, which haunts the stage of Minnesota Opera in its world premiere on Saturday, May 7.

All performances are sold out, so we moved to the Overlook Hotel to give you a sneak preview of The Shining. What was the scariest thing about making The Shining operatic? How does a hotel become a dramatic character? Joining us in Room 217 for music and conversation are Pulitzer prize-winning composer Paul Moravec; librettist Mark Campbell (Minnesota Opera's Silent Night and The Manchurian Candidate) and singers Kelly Kaduce and Andrew Lovato.

Audio produced by Mike Pengra.