¡Viva la Música!

Viva la MusicaMPR

Viva la Musica


April 28, 2016

Host Jacquie Fuller explores classical music of Mexico and its folklorico roots. She's joined by Gilberto Vázquez Valle to introduce us to notable contemporary Mexican-American musicians and composers. Listen to this musical expression of love of Mexico for those who live in and away from la tierra linda.


• Blas Galindo: Sones de mariachi

• José Pablo Moncayo: Huapango

• Trad/Rubén Fuentes: Tecalitlán

• Enrico Chapela: Dan-Son

• Eugene Rodriguez: Voy caminando

• Tomás Méndez: Cucurrucucú Paloma

• Arturo Márquez: Danzón No. 1

• Jesús Echevarría: Suite Huasteca