Moveable Feast: Carnivore Gardens

These Slim Jims have been carefully shaped and painted to look like asparagus.Jeremy Keith | Flickr

Moveable Feast: Carnivore Gardens


April 01, 2016

We've been hearing a lot lately about a new shop in Minneapolis called the Herbivorous Butcher. It's a vegan butcher shop that sells meats made from vegetable products.

Now we've learned of a new destination if you're the kind of person who never wanted to eat your vegetables. It's called Carnivore Gardens, and it's the brainchlid of brother-and-sister team Pimm and Suki Thornfeld from Edina, and all the vegetables they sell are made of meat.

One of the things that just blew me away (and it's always on the menu) is the roasted asparagus with an aioli sauce. The magic here is that the asparagus is a very delicately shaved Slim Jim — it's just the right shape, and then it's sprayed with a non-GMO food-grade dye to look exactly like asparagus! It looks like you're eating your vegetables, but you're not.

We also really like the pizza, with a crisp ground-turkey crust. It's topped with mushrooms (which are actually pressed duck), and olives made from Italian sausage. But the real triumph is the Veggie Burger, made from 100% lean ground beef.

You might be asking, "isn't that just a hamburger?"

Well ... yes. However, they bleached it with a food-grade bleach to give it the authentic look and mouth-feel of a real veggie burger. Then they add just a hint of rosemary to give it those nice veggie notes.

Walk, don't run, to Carnivore Gardens!