Moveable Feast: Freezer Foods

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Moveable Feast: Freezer Foods


December 04, 2015

Now that it's freezing outside, it's a good time to talk about making foods that are easy to freeze.

Rachel has a group of friends who get together to make big batches of tamales, ravioli, pierogies, and gyoza (Japanese dumplings), then they share a meal and everyone brings some home to freeze.

If that sounds like too much work, you can buy all these things from local restaurants and delis! La Loma in the Midtown Global Market makes great tamales and they're also sold in Kowalski's grocery stores. Broders and Cosettas are good places to find ravioli, and Kramarczuk's is the best spot for pierogies. Gyoza can be purchased frozen at Asian markets.

Also: all of these things are perfect foods to drop off for homebound folks who might be recovering from an illness or caring for a new baby.