Music in the Making Launches November 4th

Michael Hersch, composer, playing piano at his home in Havertown, Pa.Sam Oberter

Michael Hersch full interview


October 29, 2015
Music in the Making: Steve Seel talks with Steve Staruch
by MPR

How do you feel about "modern" classical music? Does the thought of discovering a new contemporary composer or classical piece fill you with excitement, or dread? Do you worry that you'll be confronted by "difficult" music, written by a composer who doesn't seem to care to even connect with you, the listener?

The notion that modern classical music is difficult, or "not for the masses," is an old one. But it's a mistake to think that composers are writing brainy, complex music only for themselves (or their academic peers) and no one else. To the contrary, most composers will tell you that everything they do is about communication. It's just that we don't often know how to listen to musical languages that are unfamiliar. Often, a little background to what you're hearing goes a long way.

That's why Classical MPR, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and American Composers Forum are excited to present Music in the Making. It's a series of conversations with contemporary composers and performers that seeks to bridge that gap between those creating the music and you.

The season's first program features American composer Michael Hersch talking with Classical MPR's Steve Seel on Wednesday, Nov. 4. Hersch will discuss his music and approach to composition as a prelude to the world premiere of his Violin Concerto, to be played by violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the SPCO November 5th-7th. Kopatchinskaja will also be present at the program at MPR.

Music in the Making takes place in the MPR Forum. Tickets are free but require a reservation.