Moveable Feast: Art Fairs

La Belle VieCourtesy La Belle Vie via Facebook

Moveable Feast: Art Fairs


August 07, 2015

It's time for a triumvirate (or triathlon?) of art fairs — the Uptown, Loring Park, and Powderhorn art festivals are in full swing this weekend. And as chefs are doing so much with presentation and plating these days, let's talk about edible art!

When it first opened, Spoonriver offered a wonderful heirloom tomato and watermelon salad. The components were cut into cylinders and tipped on their ends to resemble a tiny city full of skyscrapers.

You'll often find the most fun and experimental thought put into presentation during dessert at upscale restaurants. They'll shape sorbets into fancy little football-shaped quenelles, garnish plates with artfully drizzled sauces. And they can turn spun sugar, or shaved chocolate, or brittle into sculptural elements.

At La Belle Vie you can never go wrong — Niki Francioli who was at Sea Change for a long time is now there. The former pastry chef Diane Yang went to Spoon and Stable, which is another great place to check out. Or Khanh Tran, who was at Cosmos for a long time is now at the Bachelor Farmer.