Moveable Feast: Best Burgers

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Moveable Feast: Best Burgers


June 05, 2015

Instead of rehashing the typical favorites — Matt's, the Nook, Grain Belt — the June issue of Minnesota Monthly takes a look at what's new in the world of burgers and brews (with so much to cover, we can focus on burgers this week and brews the next).

The magazine covered restaurants that opened in the past five years or so and found a lot of great things happening. For one, chefs seem to be putting more care and attention into sourcing their meat. They concentrate on heritage breeds and often grinding the beef 'in-house'.

Chefs are also spending time coming up with their own delicious gourmet toppings. This can range from something like kimchi aioli and a soft-cooked egg at the Rabbit Hole, to the foraged hen-of-the-woods mushrooms at Harriet Brasserie, to a burger stacked with a big slab of pork belly at the Kenwood.