Class Notes: Mexican Music

Class Notes: Mexican MusicClassical MPR

May 28, 2015

Mexico's music vibrantly blends the sounds, rhythms, and spirit of the cultures that have converged there since ancient times, combining Native elements with Spanish-colonial, Caribbean, African, and North-American sources.

In the Class Notes™ video Mexican Music: Celebration, Rhythm, and History we meet Mexican composer Julio Morales, who gives us a taste of the music from the Mexican states of Tamaulipas, where he was born in Tampico, and Veracruz, where he currently lives.

The video touches on the three main instruments of his home state — the jarana, violin, and huapanguera — as well as others that are uniquely Mexican. Julio also traces some of the history and personality of both regions, including its folk music and two composers who helped define the regions' musical character.

As more and more children of Mexican heritage attend U.S. schools, the video and its curriculum offers teachers a way to introduce students to Mexico's rich musical life and history.

¡Cantaré! is a unique program from the Minneapolis-based choral music organization VocalEssence designed to bring the talents of composers from Mexico directly into Minnesota classrooms. Julio Morales's appearance in this Class Notes video was made possible through the generous cooperation of �Cantare! and VocalEssence. For more information about the program, go here.

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