Moveable Feast: Easter... Eggs?

Eggs are becoming trendyMPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson

Moveable Feast: Easter... Eggs?


April 03, 2015

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. There seems to be a trend of putting a soft-cooked egg on every burger, noodle bowl, etc.

The Sunnyside at Pizzeria Lola has two eggs (sunnyside up) on top of it. There's an egg on the Helicopter burger at Anchor Fish and Chips in Northeast Minneapolis.

We're seeing a lot of eateries experiment with eggs on hot dog. Muddy Waters creates a hot dog with an egg on top, as does Sandcastle the Lake Nokomis Concession — it's called the Dog Flicker (named after chef/owner Doug Flicker).

Places like Masu and One Two Three Sushi serve their ramen with a poached egg on top. Seems like the trend isn't fading anytime soon. Eggs on Peeps next??