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YourClassical will help you find classical music to meet every mood. APM Graphic

Welcome to YourClassical®, a site dedicated to listening to classical music.

Listen to live, hosted radio or choose curated music streams for different aspects of your daily life. If you have big milestones coming up in your life, there are streams for that too.

You can listen to our live, hosted Radio stream, or our Relax, Lullabies, Choral, Pops and other streams any time by using the menu at the left of the screen. Or, if you're on a mobile device, start a different stream by tapping the Home menu.

To go deeper, you can listen to the best daily and weekly programs from American Public Media that you hear on your local public radio stations. Like the YourClassical streams, you can select any of the four programs from the left menu, (or from the Home menu on a mobile device).

We're really proud of the new audio player that allows you to navigate the site and continue listening to your stream of choice.

If you're listening to a stream and want to try something new, click on any of the audio icons you see indicated with a play button. As soon as you click that, you'll hear a new feature, program or stream.

Click around and enjoy the world's greatest music.

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