Class Notes: The Musical Round: A Roundabout Tale

A Roundabout TaleClassical MPR

March 03, 2015

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Frère Jacques," "Three Blind Mice" — these and other rounds are some of the earliest and simplest tunes we learn. But in their humble guise, often without our knowing it, rounds also introduce us to more advanced concepts that support lifelong musical understanding and participation.

In the Class Notes™ video The Musical Round: A Roundabout Tale, we learn how rounds work, and how in turn they welcome us to engage in harmony and polyphony. When the irrepressible raccoon Karl (a.k.a. the bewildered virtuoso in What's in a Title?) sits down for lunch, his friend Alison Young asks him a series of questions that eventually inspire a new round on the spot.

(Many thanks to composer Jake Runestad and actor Tom Reed for their own irrepressible talents in this video.)

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