Learning to Listen: the King of Violins, Fritz Kreisler

Fritz Kreisler in 1912Copyrighted 1912 by Aime Dupont, N.Y. / New York Times

Learning to Listen: Fritz Kriesler, King of the Violin


February 02, 2015

Celebrate the birthday of the King of Violins, Fritz Kreisler, who dazzled audiences with his expressive style, his beautiful sound and his crowd-pleasing music. Hear recordings of Kreisler, along with his seldom-heard String Quartet, on this week's Learning to Listen.

Program Playlist

Peter Tchaikovsky, arr. Fritz Kreisler
String Quartet No. 1, Andante cantabile​
Fritz Kreisler, violin
Arpad Sandor, piano
EMI 65042

Robert Schumann, arr. Kreisler
Romance in A
Fritz Kreisler, violin
Michael Rauchisen, piano
EMI 65042

Fritz Kreisler
Liebesfreud, "Love's Joy"
Fritz Kreisler, violin
Franz Rupp, piano
EMI 65042

Fritz Kreisler
Concerto in One Movement, after Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 6
Benjamin Schmid, violin
Vienna Philharmonic
Valery Gerviev, conductor
DG 4764211

Fritz Kreisler
String Quartet
Brodsky Quartet
Challenge 72052