Video: a spicy Tango

November 03, 2014


Chili Klaus, Denmark's hot-pepper enthusiast (Bifald Management)

The Danish National Chamber Orchestra decided to challenge itself by having every musician stop to eat an incredibly hot chili pepper while performing Tango Jalousie by Danish composer Jacob Gade.

It wasn't a completely unmotivated stunt; the mustachioed man in the video is Chili Klaus, a foodie celebrity in Denmark known for his fondness of hot peppers. It turns out Erik Heide, the concertmaster of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, is also a chili-pepper fan.

Klaus and Heide collaborate in this hot-pepper challenge. Watching the video makes me think:

1. It's quite a testament to the years of training that contribute to this kind of (almost) unflappability

2. I'm very glad they had the foresight to set up a solo cam on Mr. Tambourine Man.