Cantus Biography: Adam Reinwald

November 12, 2010
Adam Reinwald
Cantus member Adam Reinwald.
Photo by Ann Marsden / Courtesy of Cantus

Join us as we get to know Classical MPR's 2010-11 Artists-in-Residence Cantus through a series of short bios. Here, we learn about Adam Reinwald.

Adam Reinwald is currently in his thirteenth season with Cantus. Originally from Eugene, Ore., Adam's education background includes a BM in Vocal Music Education from St. Olaf College. Here, he shares his thoughts on the importance of tooth-brushing and socks, his fondness for the White Stripes and his hobbies.

What is the best part of singing with Cantus?

The best part of singing with Cantus is working with people who are committed to excellence, including all employees of the organization. Everyone works so hard to achieve the same goals, and it is refreshing to see that commitment.

In your mind, what makes Cantus so special and/or unique?

The way that we work together, that special collaboration, is what makes Cantus special. I'm convinced no other business works as closely and as collaboratively as Cantus.

What is your best and/or funniest memory from a Cantus tour?

A couple come to mind: 1) touring through beautiful New England in the Fall, with good friends, enjoying good music; 2) Once in a concert in Menomonie, WI, in the middle of a particularly great performance, everyone on stage, and in the audience began giggling at the same time, turning into full-on laughter that continued for about 5 minutes. Just one of those times where no one could stop laughing! Still a highlight!

When did you know that you wanted to make singing your career?

I didn't have any grand designs on being a professional singer. Initially, I wanted to be a choral conductor, but as Cantus moved from a student organization to a professional ensemble, I felt as though I could make it as a singer and began to study for that purpose.

Do you have any rituals or things you do before you go out to perform?

I always brush my teeth and put on my socks before anything else!

Cantus is known for its collaborations with other performing arts groups; what has been a favorite of yours?

Really loved performing with the Boston Pops, the SPCO, and especially the James Sewell Ballet. We got to spend a lot of quality with those artists off the stage as well. But the most 'simpatico' collaboration has been with percussionist David Hagedorn. We've worked with him for years!

Do you play any instruments? Are there any that you'd like to learn to play?

I play a little bit of piano, and played trumpet in middle school but that ship has sailed. I would love to learn to play some American folk instruments like a hammer dulcimer.

Who is your music "hero" and why?

One of my music heroes is Jack White from The White Stripes/Deadweather/The Raconteurs. He is so consumed with learning about the history of music and learning all he can to influence his own playing, it is inspiring to hear about all that he knows. It seems like he sees music in a slightly different way from others.

What hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy doing when you are not singing (or sleeping)?

I am a big sports fan and religiously follow college and pro football/basketball and soccer. I love movies/TV and enjoy going to concerts when the pocket book allows. Recently, I've gotten into home brewing beer with friends, and my wife and I enjoy gardening in the warm seasons.