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with host Fred Child

: Musical Heroes

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Bruce Adolphe Piano Puzzler Milken Family Foundation

Three musical heroes make an appearance today. Lohengrin was the mysterious knight of the Holy Grail, who rescued a damsel by riding in a boat drawn by swans. We'll hear the prelude to Act III of Wagner's "Lohengrin." Don Quixote was the mad anti-hero who tilted at windmills and waged war against armies of sheep. Georg Philipp Telemann brought him to life in a suite for strings, performed at New Mexico's Music from Angel Fire. And finally, the hero of the bullfight, the torero. The Jupiter String Quartet plays Joaquin Turina's "Bullfighter's Prayer" at Music@Menlo. Plus, pianist Paul Lewis playing Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto at the Proms, and the hero of the Piano Puzzler, composer Bruce Adolphe.