Choral Stream

  • 7:45

    From Light to Light: Water

    J. Aaron McDermid (composer)

    Lee Nelson (conductor)

    Endless Light (album)

    Wartburg Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

    Duration: 5:57

  • Thursday

    • 7:45

      From Light to Light: Water

      J. Aaron McDermid (composer)

      Lee Nelson (conductor)

      Endless Light (album)

      Wartburg Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 5:57

    • 7:41

      Deep River

      Spiritual (composer)

      Dale Warland (conductor)

      Harvest Home (album)

      Dale Warland Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:15

    • 7:36

      Ubi Caritas

      Ola Gjeilo (composer)

      Ola Gjeilo (album)

      Voces8 (orchestra/ensemble)

      Ola Gjeilo, piano (soloist)

      Duration: 5:17

    • 7:33

      The Singer's Ode

      Robert Kyr (composer)

      Craig Hella Johnson (conductor)

      Kyr: The Cloud Of Unknowing (album)

      Conspirare (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:53

    • 7:30

      Gracious mother of the Redeemer

      Giovanni Palestrina (composer)

      Dennis Keene (conductor)

      Prince of Music: The Greatest Choral Music of Palestrina (album)

      Voices of Ascension (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:53

    • 7:24


      Eric Whitacre (composer)

      Michael Culloton (conductor)

      This Shining Night (album)

      Choral Arts Ensemble (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 5:26

    • 7:21

      Peace be Multiplied

      Alan Hovhaness (composer)

      Donald Pearson (conductor)

      Magnificat (album)

      St. John's Choir & Orch/Denver (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:29

    • 7:18

      Requiem: In Paradisum

      Gabriel Faure (composer)

      David Cherwien (conductor)

      Eternity (album)

      National Lutheran Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:23

    • 7:11

      Evening Hymn

      Balfour Gardiner (composer)

      Andrew Carwood (conductor)

      Jubilate: 500 Years of Cathedral Music (album)

      Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral (orchestra/ensemble)

      Simon Johnson, organ (soloist)

      Duration: 6:29

    • 7:07

      Mass: Dona nobis pacem

      Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)

      Thomas D. Rossin (conductor)

      Credo (album)

      Exultate Festival Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Karen Wilkerson, soprano (soloist)

      Duration: 3:38

    • 7:02

      Traumlicht (Dreamlight)

      Richard Strauss (composer)

      Out Of This World (album)

      Chanticleer (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 5:19

    • 6:59

      O Lux Beata Trinitas

      Andrej Makor (composer)

      Andrew Last (conductor)

      Nordic Choir - Come Listen in the Silence (album)

      Luther College Nordic Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:29

    • 6:56


      Silvio Rodriguez (composer)

      Digna Guerra (conductor)

      El Canto Quiere Ser Luz: Cuban Choral Music (album)

      Cuban National Chorus (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:07

    • 6:54

      Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

      William Dawson (composer)

      Anton Armstrong (conductor)

      The Spirituals of William Dawson (album)

      St. Olaf Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 1:58

    • 6:47

      Ave Maria

      Franz Biebl (composer)

      Comfort and Joy, Vol. 1 (album)

      Cantus (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 6:35

    • 6:45

      O sacrum convivium

      Steven Stucky (composer)

      Stephen Layton (conductor)

      Beyond All Mortal Dreams (album)

      Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:50

    • 6:41

      The Old Church

      Stephen Paulus (composer)

      Donald Krehbiel (conductor)

      My Soul's Repose (album)

      Orpheus Chamber Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:31

    • 6:28

      The Fire of Love: In Paradise

      Patrick Hawes (composer)

      James Jordan (conductor)

      Hawes: The Fire of Love (album)

      The Same Stream (orchestra/ensemble)

      Corey Everly, piano (soloist)

      Duration: 3:45

    • 6:21

      Song for Athene

      John Tavener (composer)

      Rene Clausen (conductor)

      In the New Moon (album)

      Concordia Choir of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 6:41

    • 6:19

      Svanen (The Swan)

      Fredrik Ehrstrom (composer)

      Nils Schweckendiek (conductor)

      Spring will come: Choral rarities from the Grand Duchy of Finland (album)

      Helsinki Chamber Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:22

    • 6:15

      Ave Maris Stella

      Paul Mealor (composer)

      Mark Singleton (conductor)

      Blessing: The Music of Paul Mealor (album)

      Voce Chamber Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:31

    • 6:10

      Sure on this Shining Night

      Morten Lauridsen (composer)

      Matthew Culloton (conductor)

      Morten Lauridsen: Mid-Winter Songs (album)

      The Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 4:57

    • 6:08

      Tous les Regrets

      Antoine Brumel (composer)

      Mirandola Ensemble: Sampler (album)

      Mirandola Ensemble (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:13

    • 6:02

      Lullabye for Lucy

      Peter Maxwell Davies (composer)

      Harry Christophers (conductor)

      The Sixteen (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 5:19

    • 6:00

      Four Reveries: Remembrance

      William Hawley (composer)

      Philip Brunelle (conductor)

      Concert Recording (album)

      VocalEssence Ensemble Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:58

    • 5:56

      The Spring time of the year

      Traditional (composer)

      John Rutter (conductor)

      The Lark in the Clear Air (album)

      Cambridge Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:46

    • 5:52

      hope, faith, life, love

      Eric Whitacre (composer)

      David Cherwien (conductor)

      From Light to Light (album)

      National Lutheran Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 4:11

    • 5:49

      Steal Away

      Bob Chilcott (composer)

      Michael Culloton (conductor)

      Never Be We Mute (album)

      Choral Arts Ensemble (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:21

    • 5:44

      To a Young Child

      Dale Warland (composer)

      Dale Warland (conductor)

      Concert Recording (album)

      Dale Warland Singers (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 4:22

    • 5:42

      Ubi Caritas

      Maurice Durufle (composer)

      Paul Brandvik (conductor)

      The Bemidji Alumni Choir 2000 (album)

      Bemidji Alumni Choir (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 2:35

    • 5:37

      Lead Gently, Lord

      Douglas Pew (composer)

      Jeremy D. Jones (conductor)

      Veiled Light (album)

      Miami University Men's Glee Club (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 4:27

    • 5:34

      O salutaris hostia

      Pierre de la Rue (composer)

      And the sun darkened: Music for Passiontide (album)

      New York Polyphony (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 3:11

    • 5:30

      The Road Home

      Stephen Paulus (composer)

      Joshua Habermann (conductor)

      The Road Home (album)

      Santa Fe Desert Chorale (orchestra/ensemble)

      Keely Rhodes, alto (soloist)

      Duration: 3:27

    • 5:20

      The Night of Destiny

      Bern Herbolsheimer (composer)

      Eric Banks (conductor)

      Ru'ia: Sacred Visions Inspired By Islam (album)

      The Esoterics (orchestra/ensemble)

      Duration: 10:22