Classical Kids

Give 15 minutes of classical music every day.

Classical Kids Storytime: 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

938060 20190731 classical kids storytime tortoise and the hare 04
6min 49sec

Listen to the Lullabies stream

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Classical 15 YouTube playlists

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Classical Kids Corner

A6453e 20160111 lars with kids

Classical Kids Storytime: 'Casey at the Bat'

Aadd90 20190628 classical kids storytime casey at the bat 12
7min 41sec

Classical Kids Storytime: 'Beauty and the Beast'

F99254 20190530 classical kids storytime beauty and the beast 16
21min 46sec

Classical Kids Storytime meets 15 Common Core Standards

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Classical Kids Storytime: 'Old Mother Hubbard'

Ae79e5 20190430 classical kids storytime old mother hubbard 03
4min 51sec