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'The Little Man From Uxmal'

YourClassical Storytime - The Little Man From Uxmal

What happens when a little man from the Maya city of Uxmal plays the instrument that activates an ancient prophecy? Find out in the latest episode of YourClassical Storytime, The Little Man From Uxmal, featuring narration by Inés Guanchez and Ada Tzab, illustrations by Raul Villanueva and music by Silvestre Revueltas.

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This episode of YourClassical Storytime includes music from:

Silvestre Revueltas (arr. José Yves Limantour): La Noche de los Mayas
Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Enrique Barrios
Naxos 555917

Courtesy of Naxos of America


Narrator: Inés Guanchez and Ada Tzab (with Valerie Kahler)

Story: Inés Guanchez and Ada Tzab

Producer: Valerie Kahler

Social media producer: Inés Guanchez

Senior digital producer: Randy Salas

Production manager: Valerie Kahler

Program director: Julie Amacher

Maya Glossary

Chiich (CHEE-eech): Mother/Grandmother in Maya language.

cocoyoles (coco-YO-less): Small, round fruits that grow from a palm tree often found in the Yucatan peninsula and other tropical areas of America.

fogon (FOE-goen): A round spot in the kitchen traditionally used to make a fire and cook food.

Maya (MA-ia): A Mesoamerican indigenous civilization and people who lived in present-day North and Central America. They are estimated to have existed for over 4,000 years and continue to live there today.

quetzal (KET-sal): A small green bird with a long tail and a red tummy. It is the national bird of Guatemala.

túunk’ul (TOON-k’ool): A Maya instrument shaped like a drum.

Uxmal (OOSH-mall): An ancient Maya city of the classical period located in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture.

Yucatan (YOU-ka-tahn): A peninsula located in the southeast of Mexico that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, encompassing three Mexican states, as well as portions of Belize and Guatemala.

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Latest YourClassical Storytime Episodes


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