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'Lurkey Is Lost!'

YourClassical Storytime: Lurkey Is Lost! Xee Reiter for MPR

YourClassical Storytime - Lurkey Is Lost!


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November 01, 2022

Thanksgiving is coming, but Lurkey the turkey is nowhere to be found. Can you help the farmer find the wayward bird? Grab paper and crayons and follow along as narrator Melanie Renate and artist Xee Reiter tell the story, with guitar music by Justin Holland, in the latest episode of YourClassical Storytime.

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This episode of YourClassical Storytime includes selections from:

Justin Holland: Peek-A-Boo Waltz

Henry Bishop, arr. by Holland: Home Sweet Home with Variations

A.H. Pease, arr. by Holland: Delta Kappa Epsilon March

W.T. Wrighton, arr. by Holland: Dearest Spot on Earth

Gioachino Rossini, arr. by Holland: William Tell Overture

Ludwig Van Beethoven, arr. by Holland: Webster's Funeral March


Narrator: Melanie Renate

Story: Scott Blankenship

Producer: Scott Blankenship

Artist: Xee Reiter

Camera: Derek Ramirez

Digital producer: Jeffrey Yelverton

Social media producer: Inés Guanchez

Senior digital producer: Randy Salas

Production manager: Valerie Kahler

Program director: Julie Amacher