Rhapsody in Black

Singer, rapper and flutist Lizzo continues to shatter classical music stereotypes

Lizzo was the host and musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' on April 16, 2022.NBC

Rhapsody in Black - Lizzo


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June 30, 2022

Singer, rapper and flutist Lizzo was introduced to music from an early age through church and marching band. Her love that the community marching band gave to her while growing up continually influences her music. Lizzo’s flute, Sasha Flute, is a mainstay in her image now, but she wasn’t always confident about it.

"The flute is the way," Lizzo says. “I was so nervous that people would call me a nerd or think I wasn't cool. But as soon as I showed the world all of me, that's when they started to fall in love with me.”

Musical selections from Lizzo

“Good as Hell”

In the official video for "Good as Hell”, Lizzo leads Southern University’s marching band in a fantastic show. This video pays tribute to her marching band roots, which she has often cited as a major musical influence.

The Legend of Lizzo

Taking a page from Ron Burgundy’s musicianship in the movie Anchorman, Lizzo re-creates the jazz flute scene from the movie to profess her love for the instrument.

Lizzo’s flute & twerk lesson

In Season 2 of 2 Dope Queens, Lizzo teaches the queens how to play flute while twerking at the same time. This move has become a staple in her music videos and performances, as well as a crowd favorite.


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