YourClassical Storytime

'Stone Soup'

A stranger comes to town and teaches the residents a lesson in sharing in the YourClassical Storytime episode 'Stone Soup.'Xee Reiter for MPR

YourClassical Storytime: Stone Soup


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November 01, 2021

What happens when a stranger shows up in town with a magical backpack, a small stone and a giant, black pot? It's a lesson in sharing with Stone Soup, the new episode of YourClassical Storytime, featuring art by Xee Reiter and music by Francis Poulenc.

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Our telling of Stone Soup includes excerpts from the following recording:

Francis Poulenc: Les Biches (The Does)
RTE National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jean-Luc Tingaud
Naxos 573739

Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.


Narrator: Scott Blankenship

Adaptation: Scott Blankenship and Julie Amacher

Illustrator: Xee Reiter

Producer: Valerie Kahler

Digital producer: Jeffrey Yelverton

Social media producer: Ines Guanchez

Senior digital producer: Randy Salas

Program director: Julie Amacher