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'The Emperor's New Clothes'

The emperor led a procession through the streets of town. Every person said, "Oh, how wonderful the emperor's new clothes are!"Nancy Carlson for MPR

YourClassical Storytime: The Emperor's New Clothes


January 01, 2021

A vain emperor gets more than he bargained for when two weavers promise to make him a suit with special powers. What happens when he puts it on? Find out in The Emperor's New Clothes, the latest episode of YourClassical Storytime, featuring music by George Frideric Handel and original illustrations by Nancy Carlson.

(See more of Carlson's illustrations in the gallery.)

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Our telling of The Emperor's New Clothes includes excerpts from the following work and recording:

George Frideric Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks
Prague Chamber Soloists, Andrew Mogrelia
Amadis 26

Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.


Storyteller: Valerie Kahler
Writer: Hans Christian Andersen (adapted by Steve Seel and Valerie Kahler)
Illustrations: Nancy Carlson
Producer: Valerie Kahler
Digital producer: James Napoli
Senior digital producer: Randy Salas
Program director: Julie Amacher