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Articles by Youa Vang

Treasured classical vinyl collection helps define three musical lives Article

The lives of three Minnesota music makers have intersected throughout the years. But it wasn't until recently, when the eldest was packing up for a move to California, that their paths began to run more in parallel lines. It's all thanks to a treasured collection of classical albums on vinyl.


Meet a tattoo artist who turns to classical music Article

In Emilie Robinson's art, old meets new, religion balances rebellion, and classical collides with the modern world - but one constant in her life is music, which connects all of the dots in her life.


Music for reading: Five classical compositions to curl up with Article

When reading a good book, the world picks itself up and rearranges things into a different perspective. Music does that too. When combined, the two are amazing conduits to spaces that are timeless and wholly dreamy. You can find these spaces in these five compositions.