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Articles by Jay Gabler

'Wall of Sound' producer Phil Spector dies at 81 Article

Phil Spector, the record producer who gained enduring fame with a string of iconic hits in the early 1960s and was dubbed 'the first tycoon of teen' by Tom Wolfe, has died at age 81 while serving a prison sentence for murder.


David Bowie's 'Lazarus' to stream Jan. 8-10, and it's well worth a watch Article

What would a David Bowie jukebox musical look like? Casual fans might imagine something like the new Cher musical, with flashy set pieces dedicated to the many ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the late icon's career. Serious fans, though, know that the perfect Bowie musical already exists: 'Lazarus,' one of the artist's last projects.


Wellness Wednesday: Amid rise in overdose deaths, help is available Article

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Department of Health put out a report that says drug overdose deaths increased 31% during the first half of 2020, as compared to the first half of 2019. Substance use disorders can affect anyone, but they are preventable and can be treated. It's okay to need help.