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Articles by Ella Harpstead

Concert Band 101: An introduction to wind ensembles Article

The concert band is an ensemble that goes by many names: wind ensemble, wind symphony, wind band, wind orchestra, symphonic band — or just plain "band." But what exactly is a concert band?


10 band composers you should know -- besides Sousa Article

Concert band is a large part of classical music, yet many composers don't get the recognition they deserve for contributing to the genre. Here are 10 band composers you should know -- besides the March King, John Philip Sousa.


Water Month Concerts 2019 Article

Celebrate Water Month with concerts near the water this July! Classical MPR and The Current have teamed up with the Water Main to create a calendar of over 150 outdoor concerts this summer in Minnesota. From jazz to rock to classical, let us be your guide to finding great live music this summer.