Birge's Picks: 'Who Are You, Charlie Brown?'

Cartoonist Charles Schulz displays a sketch of his beloved character "Snoopy" in his office in Santa Rosa, Calif. in 1997.
Ben Margo | AP 1997

The man who gave the world Beethoven on a toy piano gets a classic tribute on film from Ron Howard and others in Who Are You, Charlie Brown?  St. Paul’s most famous cartoonist gets tributes from a dozens of famous fans, well ahead of Charles Schulz’s 100th birthday anniversary next year. The new documentary starts streaming June 25th on Apple TV+, but you can watch the trailer now

No release date yet, but I hope it’s soon for a new documentary of the conductor Marin Alsop. The Conductor premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival soon. You can watch the trailer now, and stream the film from Tribeca June 15-23.  And while waiting for that, Alsop fans can listen to my conversation with her when she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Alsop is one of the most articulate, persuasive champions of classical music, and understands how it can have a deeply positive impact on all facets of the community, both inside and outside the concert hall.