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Instrument Exploration: The Organ (Part Three)

Organ Keys and PedalsMark Foster

Composers and The Pipe Organ

June 16, 2022

Target age range: Grades 2-5

  1. This is the third of three lessons about an amazing instrument- the organ. In the first lesson, we learned there are many different kinds of organs. In the second lesson, we learned how the pipe organ works. In this lesson, we will learn how several different composers used the pipe organ to create different sounds and moods.

  2. Learn or review an important music vocabulary word: timbre (TAM-ber.) Timbre is the word we use to describe the special and unique quality of any sound. Remember that an organist can pull out different stops to create different timbres.

  3. Watch the video!

  4. Compare and contrast. Use the listening grid below to compare and contrast the four pieces you hear in the video. Use words or draw pictures to explain similarities or differences in what you year. Which piece was your favorite, and why? Re-watch the video if you need to!

    Listening Chart
    Listening Chart
    Katie Condon
  5. Question for discussion or journaling: If you were to compose a piece of music for the organ, what would it sound like?

Special thanks to Phil Asgian and the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Guild of  Organists and Michael Barone, host of Pipedreams, for help and support with this lesson. 

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