YourClassical Children

Class Notes: Numbers


September 01, 2021

Composer Shruthi Rajasekar was inspired to write a piece of music that helps us explore and think about all the ways numbers influence our lives. YourClassical’s latest Class Notes Video celebrates this vibrant and quirky piece.

Target range: Grades 2-8

Lesson length: 10-15 minutes

Video length: Approximately 5 minutes

1. Numbers are a part of our daily lives in so many ways. Before watching, brainstorm a list or discuss some ways that numbers are used in the world.

2. Watch the Class Notes Video.

3. Use the questions below to think about how numbers are used in our daily lives. Journal your answers, or discuss with someone, or draw a picture that helps express your thoughts and feelings. 


  • What are three ways you use numbers in everyday life? 

  • How are numbers used in music? Are numbers used in different ways in music?

  • Shruthi Rajasekar was inspired to compose a piece about numbers. What are some topics that inspire you? What would you like to compose a piece about?

4. Learn more about composer Shruthi Rajasekar in this interview and on her website