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Virtual Class Notes Concerts: Chione Quintet

Chione Quintet: Bethany Gonella, flute; Susan Miranda, oboe; Alexandra Berndt, bassoon; Allison Akins, horn; Weily Grina-Shay, clarinet.Venn Productions

February 11, 2021

Welcome to Virtual Class Notes Concerts!

Each year, Classical MPR reaches tens of thousands of students across Minnesota through the Class Notes Concerts program. Designed to engage and inspire elementary students through live musical performance, these concerts help cultivate active listening skills and allow students to experience the joy of classical music.

Due to current circumstances, we have adapted the concert content to provide a virtual Class Notes Concert. Today's YourClassical Music Lesson will be a virtual Class Notes concert featuring the Chione Quintet. In addition to musical concepts, this lesson includes literacy concepts such as story comprehension, character identification, and parts of a story.

Target age range: Grades K-8

1. First, meet the Chione Quintet.

2. Next, Bethany will tell you a little bit about her instrument, the flute.

3. Weily plays the clarinet. She will tell you a few things about her instrument.

Learn more about the clarinet with the YourClassical Music Lesson: Meet the Clarinet lesson.

4. Susan will tell you a few things about the oboe.

5. Ali plays the bassoon. She will tell you about her instrument.

Learn more about the bassoon with the YourClassical Music Lesson: Bassoon Basics lesson.

6. Finally, Allison plays the French horn, which is sometimes just called "horn."

Learn more about the French horn with the YourClassical Music Lesson: French Horn Frenzy lesson.

7. QUICK QUIZ. Name each instrument in the box below. Write down or say out loud one fact about each instrument.

Wind instruments
Wind instruments
Wikimedia Commons

• Which two instruments have a double reed?
• Which instrument plays the lowest sound?
• Which two instruments don't have any reed?
• Which instrument requires the player to buzz her lips into the mouthpiece?

8. Sometimes, music can help to tell a story. A composer named Justin David Casinghino loved a story called One Hen, by the author Katie Smith Milway. He decided to turn it into a musical story.

Listen to Chione Quintet play the musical telling of One Hen by pressing the play button below the listening grid.

As you listen, think about the events of the story. The listening grid below shows you where new sections begin and end, and summarizes the main events in each section. Draw your own grid. As you listen to each section, use the blank box to draw or write your response. Maybe you want to use words to describe which instruments you hear, or maybe you want to use descriptive words to tell what you hear, or maybe you want to draw pictures of the characters, the setting, and the events of the story.

Listening grid
Listening grid
Katie Condon

LISTEN — One Hen
Justin David Casinghino (based on story by Katie Smith Milway)
Valerie Kahler, narrator; Chione

After listening, answer a few comprehension questions to secure knowledge.

• Who was the main character of the story?
• What was the story's setting?
• How many hens does Kojo start out with?
• How does Kojo use his savings?
• What does Kojo start to dream of while in college?
• What does Kojo want to do after college?
• How many hens does he need?
• What does the banker say at first when Kojo asks him for a loan?
• How does Kojo convince the banker to change his mind?
• Describe the community that grows around Kojo's farm.
• How does Kojo continue the tradition of supporting "good ideas"?
• What did you learn from this story?

9. Finally, Chione Quintet will review a few key facts from their concert.

Learn more

• If you like musical stories, try this YourClassical Music Lesson that features composer Daniel Nass' musical telling of Mary Casanova's book One-Dog Canoe, or composer Charles Lazarus' musical telling of Michael Hall's book Perfect Square.
• Learn more about Chione Quintet on their website.

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