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Classical Kids Music Lessons: Falling Leaves

Autumn scenery Ed van Duijn/Unsplash

Need ideas for easy and fun at-home music learning? Here's our latest Classical Kids Music Lesson.

Autumn is a season of change–changing leaves, changing weather, changing amounts of daylight. Listen to four pieces inspired by autumn and think about how they reflect the moods and feelings of this season.

Target age range: K-6, with reading/writing support for younger learners

1. First, think about autumn. Brainstorm a list of words or draw a picture that includes objects or adjectives that help describe the season.

2. Next listen to four pieces inspired by autumn. Perhaps you want to listen to one each day for four days in a row.

September: At the River, from Das Jahr "The Year", by Fanny Mendelssohn

The Fall of the Leaf, mvt. 2, by Imogen Holst

Autumn Leaves, Miles Davis

October, Eric Whitacre

3. Questions for journaling, reflection, or discussion:

• Can you describe how autumn sounds?
• Which piece best captured the feeling or mood of the season?
• Can you think of a few words to describe each piece? Would you use those same words to describe autumn?

4. Finally, create a listening log to describe what you heard in each piece. Include descriptive words, musical features, drawings, or any combination of those things.

Autumn listening log Katie Condon/MPR

5. Share your favorite autumn piece with a friend or family member.

Have a question or suggestion? Contact Katie Condon, music education specialist.

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