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Classical Kids Music Lessons: 'One-Dog Canoe'

One-Dog CanoeCourtesy FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra

April 14, 2020

LISTEN — Audio Instructions

FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra and Classical MPR present One-Dog Canoe.

For 40 years, the FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra Kinder Konzerts™ programs have welcomed young guests to Orchestra Hall to experience a narrated piece of music based on a children's book, performed live by an ensemble of musicians from the Minnesota Orchestra. Promoting literacy development and music learning, the program reaches thousands of children every year.

Classical MPR and FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra are excited to bring you a brand-new recording of this year's feature-piece, helping even more children to hear and enjoy a piece created just for them.

Enjoy this piece at home, in the classroom, or in your at-home classroom.

1. First, listen to One-Dog Canoe by composer Daniel Nass.

LISTEN — One-Dog Canoe
Daniel Nass
Musicians from the Minnesota Orchestra; Katie Condon, narrator

The musical composition One-Dog Canoe was commissioned by FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra in 2019 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its Kinder Konzert programs and is dedicated to Ara, founder of Kinder Konzerts, and Rod Burwell.

2. Recreate the story with an art project. Print out this activity book to extend the experience and reinforce lessons and concepts in the music. The instructions on the booklet will tell you exactly what to do.

One-Dog Canoe performers
'One-Dog Canoe' performers

3. Meet the performers

Daniel Nass
Daniel Nass
James Napoli/APM

4. Meet the composer

"Hi. My name is Daniel Nass, and I am the composer of One-Dog Canoe. I've been writing music for about 25 years. One of the ways I choose to get inspired to compose is to spend time in nature, which was a perfect way to prepare for this work. While I didn't actually find any beavers, loons, bears, wolves, moose, or even frogs during my time researching in the outdoors (I had to go online to learn more about those animals), it did put me in the right mindset to compose. I had a great time working with this wonderful book and writing this piece!"

Read more about the composition of this piece here and here.

Listen to more of Daniel Nass' music here.

5. Find out more about the original One-Dog Canoe book by Mary Casanova.

Learn about FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra

Have a question or suggestion? Contact Katie Condon, music education specialist.

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