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Dance Party: Music Through The Ages

 Anna Earl/Unsplash

March 22, 2020

LISTEN — Audio Instructions

Music is a great tool to help control movement and help develop self-regulation skills. Get your wiggles out with music from different periods of time and all over the world. Great for all ages.

Target age range: Grades K-2

1. A lot of music makes us want to move. Dance along with many different kinds of music. Start with a few questions.

• What do you think of when you think of dance music?
• Do you think dance styles have changed over time?
• What do you think dancing was like in the year 1700? 1800? 1900? 2000?
• Do you think dance styles might be different in different parts of the world?

2. Listen to the following pieces. Dance along!

• This is some music from the Democratic Republic of Congo:
LISTEN — Malembe
Siama Matuzungidi
Siama's Congo Roots

• 'Mambo,' from West Side Story, by Leonard Bernstein:
LISTEN — Mambo, fr West Side Story
Leonard Bernstein
Nashville Symphony Orchestra; Kenneth Schermerhorn, conductor

• Here is some dance music from a LONG time ago: 1692. It's called "Dance for the Fairies." Maybe the title will inspire some of your dance moves.

• 'Russian Dance,' from the Nutcracker, by Peter Tchaikovsky:

• Minuets were a very popular dance style long ago. Here is one by Beethoven:

• The fourth movement of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony might not have been composed with dancing in mind, but it's impossible to sit still when listening to this:

• Here is one more to completely tire you out:

Happy Dancing!

Have a question or suggestion? Contact Katie Condon, music education specialist.

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