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Trilloquy: True and real stories from the fringes of classical music

Garrett McQueen, left, and Scott Blankenship host the Trilloquy podcast. James Napoli/APM

Check out our new podcast, Trilloquy! Hosts Garrett McQueen and Scott Blankenship bring you true and real stories from the fringes of classical music every week.

Trilloquy Opus 9 - Old White Guy Realm

Trilloquy Opus 8 - B-Boy Meets Beethoven

Trilloquy Opus 7 - Money Over Music

Trilloquy Opus 6 - Pride in Prejudice

Trilloquy Opus 5 - Juneteenth

Trilloquy Opus 4 - Allied

Trilloquy Opus 3 - Collaborate and Listen

Trilloquy Opus 2 - Classically Black

Trilloquy Opus 1 - Marion Dooley

Trilloquy Overture No. 1 - Introducing Trilloquy

Trilloquy - Trailer

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