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From the Mailbag: Parisian Pipes

1862 Cavaille-Coll/St. Sulpice, Paris , France Selbymay, Wikimedia Commons

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your wonderful program which I hear Sunday mornings in NJ (WWFM). I will be in London and Paris early May; given your familiarity with organs in the cities would you recommend a few to try to hear; my particular interest would be tracker action...and old.

Thank you!
David M.



Give me the background on your ‘tracker’ preference. In London, you should search out the best organs, which likely should include St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. You can get a sense of other instruments from our 2012 PIPEDREAMS tour list. Watch here, too, for concert activity.

As for Paris, the most famous ‘tracker’ would be St. Sulpice (1862 Cavaille-Coll, still with its original mechanical action throughout). Unfortunately, most of the other C-C organs have been electrified. Others of interest:

Eglise Sainte-Eisabeth (195 rue de Temple)
Eglise Sainte-Gervais, the Couperin Church (1 rue Francois Miron)
Eglise Sainte-Antoine des Quinze-Vingt (66 avenue Ledru-Rollin)
Eglise Sainte-Eustache (2 impasse Sainte-Eustache)
Eglise Sainte-Louis en l’Ile (19 bis, rue Sainte-Louis-en-l’Ile)
Eglise Sainte-Severin (3 rue des Pretres Sainte-Severin)

This website might be useful, too.

That ought to keep you busy...!


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