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About SymphonyCast

SymphonyCast, with host Julie Amacher, is a two-hour weekly radio program featuring a full-length concert by a major orchestra. Material is drawn from Europe’s premier symphony orchestras, along with U.S. orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Nashville Symphony and the Cleveland Orchestra.

About our Host

Julie Amacher

Julie Amacher

Julie Amacher's desire to introduce others to great music is what led her to radio. She began her professional broadcast career at a station in Sun Prairie, Wis. She went from rock 'n' roll to the Rocky Mountains, where she found her niche in public radio at KUNC in Greeley, Colo. Julie spent 13 years at KUNC, where she managed the announcers and their eclectic music format. During that time, she earned four national awards for best announcer. She joined Minnesota Public Radio in 1997 as an on-air host and also produces New Classical Tracks, a weekly podcast introducing listeners to new classical releases each week. Julie is the program director for Classical Minnesota Public Radio, and she is the new host for APM's nationally distributed concert program SymphonyCast.

About the Team

Avital Rabinowitz

Avital Rabinowitz, Producer

Avital Rabinowitz is the producer for SymphonyCast. She is responsible for creating the sound of the show, including choosing music programming and conducting artist interviews. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, armchair adventuring, and weightlifting.

Michael Osborne

Michael Osborne, Technical Director

Michael "Ozzie" Osborne is the Technical Director for SymphonyCast. He masters the live and recorded music recordings that are programmed for each SymphonyCast show. Michael also enjoys photography, listening to music, and bicycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of the composer, performer or piece I heard on the show?

Complete playlist information is available for each show. From the homepage, click on a specific episode to access a detailed playlist.

What is the theme music at the beginning of every SymphonyCast episode?

It’s the opening trumpet fanfare from Steve Heitzeg’s Nobel Symphony.

Can I buy a recording of music I heard on your show?

It’s possible, but not likely. Many of the performances that you hear on SymphonyCast are not available for purchase because they were played at a live concert. In some cases, the musicians have recorded that same music for a commercial CD. If so, album title and recording label information will be available in the episode playlist.

Who won the Encore Contest? Where can I find the answer?

Every Monday, we update the previous week’s episode page to include the answer to the Encore Contest; episode pages are located here. We also update our Facebook page with the Encore Contest winner.

How do I leave a comment?

Use our contact form to send us your thoughts, or join in the conversation on our Facebook page.