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with host Fred Child

On stage at Aspen: Joyce Yang and a standout student trio

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13min 13sec

Aspen student profile: Cynthia Phillippi

8ea68f 20150724 cynthia phillippi
3min 38sec

Aspen student profile: Lucie Ticho

B21e35 20150724 lucie ticho
2min 41sec

Aspen student profile: Kebra-Seyoun Charles

B6fb3d 20150724 kebraseyoun charles
3min 19sec

Backstage at the Dock Street Theatre

3824f0 20150604 facade of the dock street theatre
3min 21sec

The sights and sounds of Charleston: Part 4

A25a67 20150602 heyward washington house in cabbage row
3min 24sec

The sights and sounds of Charleston: Part 3

9551de 20150602 pineapple fountain in waterfront park charleston
3min 49sec