Performance Today®

with host Fred Child

The 2016 Grand Teton Music Festival

2bc448 20160824 thorson sanchez child and ryan in grand teton
19min 38sec

Brass in the Tetons

544068 20160824 pt in the tetons10

The Native American Composer Apprentice Project

C0eee7 20150924 tomasina yellowman raven chacon sweet plantain
6min 15sec

2015 Performance Today summer road trip

Df0fc9 20150521 summer road trip sky

2015 River Rhapsody with Fred Child

1f0a9c 20150619 river rhapsody on the danube map

On stage at Grand Teton: Zemlinsky trio and Broughton for brass ensemble

15b0f2 20140820 fred child summits grand teton
15min 50sec

On stage at Grand Teton: Bass 'n' Brass and Schumann's Fantasy Pieces

E3239c 20140820 fred child approaches the summit of grand teton 2
16min 53sec