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Articles by Lynne Warfel

Saturday Cinema - Best Director Oscars Article

A look at the leading Oscar winners in the category of Best Director. Music from the films of John Ford, Steven Spielberg and William Wyler.


Saturday Cinema: Movie Valentines Article

Celebrate Valentine's Day with some of the best scores from Hollywood romances. Rom coms, dramas, tear-jerkers from "Now, Voyager" to "When Harry Met Sally".


Saturday Cinema: The Ebenezer Edition Article

Saturday Cinema: The Ebenezer Edition explores some of the great film interpretations of Dickens' classic tale. From Reginald Owen's 1938 feature through Alastair Sim to Albert Finney's musical Scrooge to The Muppets, enjoy your favorite telling of the tale.


Saturday Cinema: Trains! Article

Trains can be romantic, dramatic or even sinister when they take a lead role in a murder or two. Films featuring trains.


Saturday Cinema: All in the Families Article

At the holidays, families rule. As a little holiday warm up, films that feature familial bonds, for better or worse.