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with host Fred Child

In studio with Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

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Anderson & Roe piano duo Scott Gordon Bleicher
16min 48sec : Anderson & Roe: In Studio Part 1
21min 5sec : Anderson & Roe: In Studio Part 2

A concert pianist should sit primly on the piano bench, keeping movement limited to just their racing fingers, right? Wrong. At least when it comes to the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo.

First of all, in order to share one instrument pianists Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe must practice complicated, highly physical choreography just to stay out of each other's way at the keyboard. Then there's their approach to classical music, which is intended to elicit, provoke and excite an audience reaction; you can't sit still for that.

Come listen to Anderson & Roe's recent visit to the PT studios, where they talked with host Fred Child about that one time that Anderson didn't stay out of Roe's way onstage (she ended up with a black eye) and how they are bringing a passionate, fresh approach to classical concerts.