Performance Today

with host Fred Child

Onstage with Roberto Plano

Robert Plano and Fred Child, on stage at the Fitzgerald Theater (the set for A Prairie Home Companion is in the background).
Robert Plano and Fred Child Suzanne Schaffer / PT
35min 9sec

In the early 19th century, Andrea Luchesi was the king — of composers, anyway. Young Mozart admired his music, Luchesi conducted teenage Beethoven in orchestra, Luchesi was in demand everywhere. Then suddenly, his name disappeared from the history books.

Pianist Roberto Plano stumbled across his name two years ago and set out to discover why such an important composer could be all but erased for music history. Plano joins host Fred Child onstage at the Fitzgerald Theater to play music by Luchesi and others, and also to present a solution to the mystery: What happened to Andrea Luchesi?

Roberto Plano, three years old, plays his first instrument, the Bontempi organ.
Roberto Plano, three years old Courtesy of Roberto Plano
Performance Today surprised the 35 year-old Roberto Plano with a Bontempi organ, very similar to the one he played as a 3 year-old.
Roberto Plano with a Bontempi organ Suzanne Schaffer / PT